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Page history last edited by Judi Moreillon 6 years, 5 months ago

Seventh Grade Standards


English Language Arts and Reading


     ELA-R Lesson Plans Published on this Wiki:


Lesson Title: Drawing Inferences Using Visual Literacy

Created and Submitted by: Susi Grissom, Ruth Nicole Hall, and Judi Moreillon


Lesson Title: Multimedia Book Report

Created and Submitted by: Julie L. Sorum


Lesson Title: Exploring the Holocaust/Peace through Word Choice and Word Clouds 

Created and Submitted by: Selika Salinas and Evelina Villarreal


Lesson Title: Wonder Project (Part 2) - Writing Expository Text
Created and Submitted by: Laura G. Ortiz (School Librarian) and Maria Ramon-Vichareli (7th-grade Reading Teacher)


Lesson Title: Making Inferences from a Mystery Book
Created and Submitted by: Loida Korrody (Librarian) and Leticia Peña (Classroom Teacher)


Lesson Title: Wonder Project (Part 1) (Character Analysis)
Created and Submitted by: Maureen Valls, Library Media Specialist, and Carol Lara, 7th-grade ELA Teacher






Social Studies

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