Leading with Learning4Life: Using the AASL Framework to Build a Pivotal Literacy Program


Presented April 25 by Judi Moreillon, Texas Woman's University, Texas L4L State Co-Coordinator


Are you using AASL’s Learning4Life (L4L) Initiative to practice leadership? Through collaboration with classroom teachers, school librarians can be instrumental in helping principals meet school and district goals. L4L provides a framework for leading our literacy teams to improve student learning outcomes and develop educators’ teaching expertise. Come to this session prepared to take away ideas for implementing job-embedded professional development activities on Monday morning. Think! Create! Share! Grow! Position your library at the center of your school’s literacy program.


Coteachers: Step Out of the Box--Together!



Self-Assessment in Terms of AASL's 5 Roles of the School Librarian Moreillon_McKee_EL_Five Roles of the School Librarian.doc


"Job-embedded Professional Development: An Orchard of Opportunity" by Judi Moreillon (pp. 141-156)

from Growing Schools: Librarians as Professional Developers edited by Debbie Abilock, Kristin Fontichiaro, and Violet H. Harada (Libraries Unlimited, 2012)



Texas College and Career Readiness Standards, AASL, Inquiry, Reading, and Instruction Matrix developed by Judi Moreillon





What are your connections? Who are your connectors and with whom will you connect? Who needs to know?




Link to AASL's Strong Libraries Infographic  - Designed for AASL by Samantha Lamos, 10th-grade Student, Petaluma High (CA) Graphic Design Program (2013)