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Page history last edited by Judi Moreillon 7 years, 10 months ago

Lesson Plan Template


Our goal is to create a simple, straight-forward lesson plan template. Please write your comments or record your edits directly on this page. Please put your name after your additions so that we can easily see follow up with you if we have questions. Please complete your input by August 10th.


Thank you.


Lesson Title:

Created and Submitted by:

School Name:




Grade Level:


Lesson Plan Objectives:

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:





ELA-R TEKS (ONE only):

I know we need the lessons to focus on a particular TEK to be more aligned and easier to make a resource, but speaking as a former LA teacher, lessons very rarely are only about a single TEK.  They're just too intertwined and too many. Could we add a section for "other ELAR TEKS"? Maybe with a limit of 2 or 3? This would make it easier for LA teachers to adapt and connect to and be more enticing to them. (Joni)


Do you think it is possible to identify the MOST important ELA-R TEKS? It would get very confusing if we linked multiple lesson plans to the same TEKS. (Judi)


Other Content Area(s) Addressed:


Standards for the 21st-Century Learner Indicators (No more than three):





Classroom Teacher – School Librarian(s) Collaboration: This is included because of my bias. Do you think we need/want this? What do we expect people to write here? (Judi) 

They might identify examples of the roles that the school librarian and teacher could play during the co-teaching process. (Daniella) 

If I were completing this template, I would include:  the number of times the teacher and I met to plan; our specific roles in the teaching/assessment process.  Just having this topic in the template reminds the librarian of the importance of planning and co-teaching with classroom teachers. (Susi)

I like indicating that collaboration exists.. the Action Examples reference None, Limited, Moderate, Intensive... a checkbox here perhaps?  with some additional space for more details, ie:  # times met, hours spent?  (suzanne)

We would have to define  these levels if we use them. I, personally, would not be in favor of including lesson plans were there is no collaboration. (Judi)

I definitely think there should be a place focusing on collaboration. I agree that it serves as a reminder and pushes toward the AASL standards for school libraries. I would think most people would describe what collaboration took place, if any.  (Joni)


Measurable Outcome or Final Product:

Not every lesson necessarily has to have a measurable or final product. I have taught and observed many lessons over the years which resulted in no physical product. Are we expecting there to be one for each lesson submitted, or is this meant for just those lessons that have it? Every lesson should definitely have some sort of assessment (formative, or summative, or assessment for learning, etc) but we've covered that below (Joni)


Good point, Joni.  We could create some wiggle room with a section title that reads like this:

Measurable or Final Product (if applicable)    (Susi)

 Isn't a formative assessment a measurable outcome? Does adding the word "outcome" make it work for you? (Judi) Sorry for the font size. I can't seem to adjust it. I am not shouting!

Adding "Outcome" works for me -- good addition. (Susi)


Assessment Tool(s):



I think a section for applicable technology tools would be helpful. I think Elaine might be pointing to Web 2.0 tools by including online resources in her list. updated 8/2/12. Based on Elaine's response, I think it would be helpful to inlcude a space for free Web 2.0 tools. (Daniella)

Please see my note on the Lesson_Plan_Sample page. (Elaine)

Are we only going to publish lesson plans that include resources in all formats? What if print is the best text type for a particular lesson? (Judi)

I think Judi makes a good point. Not every great lesson will have technology, though I think many, if not most, will.  (Joni)


We could give suggestions for the type of resources in the section title with something like this:

Resources (print, Web tools, Websites, online databases)

I'm differentiating between Web tools (Edublog) and Websites

(http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/index.html)   (Susi)

I like Susi's recommendation of having suggestions with the title to steer them in the right direction (Joni) 


Can we put the suggestions on the sample lesson plan rather than on the template? (Judi)


Estimated Lesson Time:


Instructional Plan Outline:Is more explanation needed on this?  This section should include a description of the lessons, etc. Not sure if this section may get too detailed... or not give enough detail...can we clairfy this?   (suzanne)


I think the only way to clarify this is with the sample. One or more of us will be responsible for creating one after we have finalized this template. 

Agreed. (Joni)


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