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How to Add Information to this Wiki



We are of the opinion that less is more...


Please limit the number to AASL indicators fore each TEKS to three at the most. We hope that there are one or two indicators that align most fully to the TEKS standards you have cited.


For example, AASL indicators related to collaborative learning or self-assessment should not be indicated unless they are specifically stated in the TEKS itself. It will be up to individual school librarians and their collaborators to integrate these when they are appropriate to the lesson design.


Thank you.


How to Create a Table:

  • Open a Word document (.doc).
  • Title the document with the grade level and the words "English Language Arts and Reading TEKS."
  • Create a table with 3 columns as per the Kindergarten – ELAR example.
  • You will add rows depending on the number of TEKS you align.
  • Open the English Language Arts and Reading TEKS Web page linked at the top of the grade level page.
  • Copy the TEKS number into the left-hand column on your table.
  • Copy the TEKS standard (complete description) in the center column.
  • Put the AASL Standard/Indicator numbers in the right-hand column.
  • Keep the TEKS in number sequence.
  • Continue until you feel you have aligned as many as you can identify.


How to Copy to the Wiki:

  • Link to the appropriate grade-level page.
  • Click on “Edit.”
  • Copy and paste the table onto the page.
  • “Save.”


How to Revise:

  • Click on “Edit.”
  • Right click on a row where you want to add an additional row below it.
  • “Insert row after.”
  • Add the information.
  • “Save.”


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